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XRay Supply, Xray Equipment, and Xray products

Sales and service of digital Xray equipment, Film based X-Ray equipment, X-Ray film processors, reconditioned equipment and more. Xray Film, Xray screens, Xray film storage, view boxes, silver recovery and accessories. Serving Arizona and the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area and beyond.

  • The latest in both digital Xray and film based Xray
  • Full XRay room and equipment reclamation and recovery services
  • First rate service and repair (all equipment and service)
  • Family owned and operated with over 30 years experience
  • Both new and used Xray equipment and supplies
Konica Minolta X-Ray AFP Imaging TXR Tingle X-Ray

XRay Equipment

New systems from TXR (Tingle), Universal, GTR Labs (Valuegen) and many others. Used systems from all major brands including GE, Bennet, Transworld, Universal, Fischer, Summit and more. X-Ray Film Processors both new and used from AFP (Pako), Konica, Alphtech, Kodak, Fischer and many more.


XRay Supplies

We stock a large variety of film, X-Ray Casstettes and XRau Screens, and X-Ray accessories to fit all your needs. From film, cassettes, and screens to led aprons, glass and barriers, X-Ray viewers and more, we can cover all of your radiographic needs.


XRay Service

We are a full service company offering a wide range of services. Xray Film Processor Cleaning and Service, Radiographic Department Design, Equipment Relocation, Lead Planning, Appraisals, Annual Calibration, General Equipment Repairs and more.


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