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Xray Equipment (New and Used)

New systems from TXR (Tingle), Universal, GTR Labs (Valuegen) and many others. Used systems from all major brands including GE, Bennet, Transworld, Universal, Fischer, Summit and more. X-Ray Film Processors both new and used from AFP (Pako), Konica, Alphtech, Kodak, Fischer and many more. Best warranties in the business. Be sure to call for the best prices.

  • Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Radiography (CR) Digital Xray Systems
  • General Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment
  • Medical Diagnostic Mobile X-Ray units
  • Mobile Image Intensifiers / Diagnostic C-Arm Systems
  • Mammography X-Ray Units
  • Chiropractic X-Ray Units
  • Veterinary X-Ray Units
  • Portable X-Ray Units
  • X-Ray Viewing Boxes
  • X-Ray Film Processors